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Epic Game is bringing back Merry Marauder & Ginger Gunner in the Fortnite Shop! Burnt Merry Marauder & Burnt Ginger Gunner for Original Owners!


The Merry Marauder costume and Ginger Gunner costume on Fortnite are back!

You read that right. Merry and Marauder and Ginger Gunner will be re-appearing in the shop in the upcoming weeks. You’ll be able to purchase these for a limited amount of time for a certain amount of Vbucks. Additionally, if you previously owned these on Fortnite, you’re going to be rewarded by Epic Games. 

Similar to what they did with Skull Trooper, where original owners received the Purple Glow style, original costume owners will be receiving several styles.

First, Fortnite OG Merry Marauder owners will different styles: Frown, Burnt Frown, Burnt Smile.

Second, Fortnite OG Ginger Gunner owners will different styles: Frown, Burnt Frown, Burnt Smile.



Epic Games released a new back bling for original Merry Marauder owners!

This back bling is unobtainable to others, it will never appear in the shop, making it extremely rare. The new Fortnite back bling is called Mini Marauder. It’s awarded to original Merry Marauder owners.

The next is a similar back bling, also unobtainable to others was released. This time, it only applies to owners of the original Ginger Gunner. Fortnite players with this costume receive the Giddy Gunner back bling. It’s quite similar to the Merry Marauder back bling, Mini Marauder, except it’s the female version.

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